folk poet Ali miya

Alimiya was born on 15th Falgun 1975 B.S permanent resident of Miyapatan, Pokhara. Even Alimiya was born in Muslim family; he was perfect in singing folk song and capturing folk tune. From his childhood, whenever he went to the forest and walked singing a song in melodious voice. Like “fittest plants have shiny leafs” in Nepali “Hune Biruwako Chillo Paat” he shows his talent from his childhood and become a famous singer. Alimiya did not only sing a song in melodious voice but also he wrote a poem in melodious way. That’s why he is both singer as well as poet. By bless of his talent and his contribution, he renowned as a folk poet.

Folk poet Alimiya was full of talent in himself but according to the talent he was not praised for long time. But his talent makes world surprised and got many awards. To respect him for his contribution, all Pokharali people have made ratharohan to him.

He was praised by Pokhreli NawaRatna Award, Indra Rajya Laxmi Award, Siromani Award, Birendra Ashwarya Served Award, praised by Narayan Gopal etc. Whatever problem and up and down came in his family life he never leave his singing and writing fortune. Whoever he talked he uses his folk tune in poetic way and whenever and wherever he got chance he started singing with his soft voice. Even Alimiya was from Muslim background his main features were to sing folk song, dance and being happy. For him, all the religions are same. In any society he can live and make people close to him are his main features. By his opinion, he is the humanistic poet and Ambassador of religious tolerance.

Till now Alimiya has published a number of anthologies verses like- Birakta Lahari, Mahendra Lahari, Nyauliko Pukar, Pahadko Udgaar, Setiko Suskera, Samjanako Diyo, Ujayalo Bhaisakyo and Alimiyanko Awaz. In real, Alimiya is a father of folk song and folk poet. For his great contribution to Nepali folk areas, ‘Alimiya Folk Literary Academy’ has been established to honour him. He is proud for the Pokhrali people. That’s why he was one of the figures who never erased and died from the mind of the Pokhrali people.

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