Poet Ali Miya remembered

Poet Ali Miya remembered

Aug 5, 2015-

Nepali folk poet, Ali Miya was remembered during a programme held to mark his eighth death anniversary at Cafe de Garden, Pokhara, on Sunday. The speakers at the event discussed Miya’s poetry and how his creations depicted the everyday realities of life.The programme, organised by Ali Miya Lok Wangmaya Pratisthan, saw various personalities from the field of poetry offering praise and eulogies to Miya.

“Miya’s poetry is infused with a message of religious tolerance and nationality. His works have successfully simplified even the most problematic of our geographical and cultural issues,” remarked Professor Baburam Bhattarai, who did his PhD thesis on Miya’s work. “His poetry teaches us to stand on our own even during adverse situations,” Bhattarai added.